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Bike Rental in Tel Aviv

Written by Nico Black

Digital Strategist and early-stage investor, Nico is also an AdTech enthusiast. He has over a decade of digital marketing experience and has been investing in tech companies since 2006.

January 20, 2008

Part of the need to explore alternatives to private transportation is linked to the geographical constraint. Israel has a higher growth rate of cars than population and the streets can’t get any wider.

As this video explains, part of the solution is bike paths – another part of the solution is telecommunications infrastructure. The better the infrastructure and the higher the potential bandwidth the less of an immediate need to commute to work. Right now, everyone is stuck: we don’t have proper high speed internet and the roads are no longer high speed as they are too congested.

It’s all about looking at infrastructure from an innovative perspective. Yes, (1) the roads are clogged so lets promote bicycles (2) the bandwidth is too low and fibre optics are concentrated only in commercial areas, so lets make part of an Internet Service Providers license linked to them committing to a minimal bandwidth rate per household.

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